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Website Maintenance Contract

What is Website Maintenance?

Think of it as painting your house, the more attractive it is, the more often it will be visited and noted to others. Good regular maintenance will also keep visitors coming back.

As simple a thing as a time stamp on your web page will show the viewer your pages are updated regularly. Make your website attractive and always aim to attract new visitors to it. Maintenance can consist of minor text changes or additions to graphics or a new web-site page design or new page content, etc. 


Why Patronus Fx?

Experienced Professionals


Patronus Fx website maintenance team is made up of professionals each with more than three years of Web Design/Development experience.


Customer Service

Patronus Fx website maintenance experts are friendly, courteous, and most importantly, responsive to your web maintenance needs. They will always provide an estimate of the number of hours it should take to do the job and notify you by telephone or email upon completion.


Website Maintenance Policy

We define "Maintenance" as keeping the web site current. It is not intended to be a new design.

We maintain a current backup, and archive all submitted files for your website. We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" and "new designs". Changing the navigation, the adding of new pages, graphic changes, buttons, etc. are considered new designs and charged accordingly to our designing rate.

It is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that we need to make. There will be no charge for any errors on our part. However, if a change needs to be made due to client error, the regular hourly update fees will be charged. Your rate is calculated on the total time involved in completing the updates. Updates should be provided electronically (by email) as much as possible. Attachments should be in text format (.txt or Word .doc formats are fine). Send digitized pictures in common format such as .jpg, .gif, .ai, .psd, .png, .bmp, svg, vectors etc.


Website Maintenance Contract

This will require retyping data or the scanning of photos and will cost more to complete your changes. Your web site may be using third-party components. We have no control over what third party sites do and take no responsibility for loss of information due to the actions of these sites. Any changes to your site stemming from regulations of these third party components will be billed at the normal maintenance rate.

Scope of Maintenance Contract

What is included in the Website Maintenance Contract is:

Website Annual Maintenance Agreement

Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to-date, fresh, and effective. We have all types of AMC packages starting from the Starter package for Small businesses & organizations, who need less monthly time but needs consistent care & the Premium and Pro packages for large organizations.


AMC Packages & Pricing

Please check the different types of AMC packages that suits your needs & budget best.

Starter :

Hours Per Month: 4
Hours Per Year: 48
Payment: 20% Of Project Yearly (Advance)

Basic :

Hours Per Month: 15
Hours Per Year: 180 
Payment: 25% Of Project Yearly (Advance)

Standard :

Hours Per Month: 20

Hours Per Year: 240 

Payment: 30% Of Project Yearly (Advance)


Premium :

Hours Per Month: 40

Hours Per Year: 480 

Payment: 40% Of Project Yearly (Advance)

Pro :

Hours Per Month: 60

Hours Per Year: 700

Payment: 50% Of Project Yearly (Advance)

Scope of Work 

Website maintenance contracts only cover minor alterations, updates, and repairs. Maintenance requests requiring extensive alterations or updates are beyond the scope of the website maintenance contract and will be quoted separately.


Website Maintenance Contract

We have all types of AMC packages starting from the Starter package for Small businesses & organizations, who need less monthly time but need consistent care & Premium and Pro packages for large organizations.


Turnaround Time

Website maintenance requests are submitted via e-mail. Depending on the complexity of the request, the job will be completed in minimum time

Services covered in Annual Maintenance Packages are

Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to-date, fresh, and effective.

  • Graphic Design Support

  • Catalog Management

  • Advertisements

  • Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters Management

  • Flash Advertisements & Presentation Updates

  • Content Management

  • Festival/Sale Banner Updates

  • Bugs and Error Fixes beyond 30 Days of Website Completion

  • Domain & Hosting Management and Support

  • Response/Updates in 24Hours*

  • Help with Copyright strikes 

  • Domain Registration/Renewal Web Hosting

Services NOT covered in Annual Maintenance Packages are


  • Major Graphic Updates

  • New Designs 

  • Creating new Advertising material

  • Major functionality & design change

  • Altering the usability of the website


 AMC will end which one occurs first, either the number of hours or duration specified for that AMC package.

Website Maintenance Contract

Responsibility and rights 


The client is responsible to supply and/or obtain the rights and permission for any content or images to be used on the site. The client will not impede upon Patronus Fx to use "Pirated Patronus Fx must jointly clear any third party involvement in the website. 


Patronus Fx retains the right to dismember the website if payment has not been received, or that the client has been found in breach of any part of the agreement. Patronus Fx retains the right to withdraw services without penalty if any morally compromising activity is associated with the website – legal or illegal or porn or religious disrespect. 


If the client attempt Patronus Fx to violate the conditions, Patronus Fx will have the right to discontinue the contract by without refunding any money paid in advance by the client. All disputes are subject to Maharashtra jurisdiction only.

Our Company Details

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  • India

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